The Range

Salt Spreaders

Professional Salt Spreaders

Logic are UK manufacturers of winter maintenance products that are designed and built to be
robust and efficient for the UK market today.
We are established as a leading supplier of snow ploughs for use with ATV and UTV vehicles.
Through demand we were asked to manufacture a compact salt spreader which would be able to complete full-sized
salt spreading tasks.
Our response was to manufacture our leading salt spreader range, ideally suited for use with ATVs and UTVs amply meeting the needs of our UK weather conditions.
Logic pay great attention to design detail making high quality, winter equipment that efficiently work every time.
Our extensive range of GDS salt spreaders, gritters, snow ploughs, and all de-icing equipment are ideal for ATV (all terrain vehicles) use.
Designed and manufactured in The North Of England for UK winter conditions our salt spreaders,
spread salt and grit effectively with no blocking or bridging even when wet!

Logic = High quality salt spreaders and gritting equipment for ATVs and UTVs that work!